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Family Child Care Providers are Uniting to Advocate for Quality, Affordable Care

In Minnesota, providers are coming together with SEIU Kids First to:

  • Give working parents peace of mind that their children are cared for by an experienced, well-trained provider who is helping them prepare for school.
  • Build a strong, unified voice in state decisions to improve the quality and affordability of child care.
  • Improve the stability and reduce turnover in their field to give children a great start in life and learning.

Providers want official recognition and a seat at the table to improve early learning and care.

Providers are seeking a strong voice to work with the state to improve the quality of child care, improve access for working parents and stabilize their profession.

  • Child care providers will work with the state to improve the Child Care Assistance Program so that more Minnesota families can access affordable care. Currently there are more than 5,000 families on the waiting list of assistance.
  • Providers wish to partner with the state to improve the quality, cost and availability of trainings to strengthen and stabilize the workforce so children have consistent, quality care.
  • Providers want to join with the state and early learning advocates to raise standards for providers and access to care.
  • Across the United States, 15 governors already have taken action to grant child care providers a voice in their states. An order would not make providers state employees, nor would it create the right to strike. Providers would retain the right to run their own business as they always have.
  • An Executive Order from Governor Dayton will enhance parent choices and preserve parent’s freedom to pick a provider and negotiate rates.

The Road Ahead

Our whole community benefits when children begin school ready and eager to learn.

When family child care providers have a voice through their union, we can work with others to ensure that every child has access to quality care and learning, and that providers have the training and tools they need to give that care, and the ability to support their own children and families.

By joining the strong voices of children’s advocates, child care providers, employers and elected officials, we can strengthen our child care system and help ensure that all children get a great start in life.

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