Will Congress Stand Up for the 99%?

Congress has a choice: Make the 1% pay their fair share or enact devastating cuts that hurt seniors, children and working parents.

Money from the federal government is by far the single largest source of revenue for state and local governments. So what Congress does matters a lot for the services our communities most rely on.

We need you to:

Please keep child care services in the spotlight by:

  • Making child care an important point in recess meeting with members of Congress
  • Collecting–and publishing–child care stories on your web site, in LTEs–and share them nationally.

Proposed cuts include:

  • Child care services parents rely on so they can work and children need to succeed in school
  • Funding for our schools
  • Health care for seniors and low income working families
  • Services for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities

Visit http://www.seiu.org/vital-services/ for more information, important tools to get the word out and stay in touch with regular updates.

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