We’re on Our Way to a Better Day for Child Care!

A better day for child care in Minnesota is just around the corner.

Governor Mark Dayton has signed an order giving family child care providers participating in the CCAP the ability to choose our union, SEIU Kids First Local 284. Our election is just a few weeks away and we’ll be on our way to winning a strong voice for:

  • Dependable funding, so parents can go to work and children can grow and learn;
  • CCAP improvements, working as a strong partner with the state;
  • Accurate information about parental applications; and
  • A brighter future for our child care profession.

Joining together will give us huge opportunities. It’s going to show others that we all are involved and we want to make a change.

Melissa Smith
Family Child Care Provider, Prior Lake

Many of you have been working for this moment since 2005. We’re almost there. Now is the time to join together and do the work necessary to ensure that we have a strong voice in Saint Paul.

Keep checking back here and visit us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to the campaign. If you have questions or would like to get involved, call 1-877-304-6042.

Governor Dayton has given us the opportunity to have a choice regarding the future of our profession. This election will allow us to say YES to a brighter future for family child care throughout Minnesota.

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